Tales of a Budding Slave

Tales of a budding Slave

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Submissive does not mean Slut.


At least, not in the way you’re all thinking.

If someone is a submissive, they choose to submit to One person (or an established couple, if the case may be, but in general, a submissive has One Dominant).  That is who owns them. That is who they belong to. 

Not every fucking wanna be Dominant who just got finished hearing housewives cream over Christian Grey.

My submissive is a slut. MY slut. For ME. Not for you, or anyone else, unless I tell them to be, because even then, they aren’t being a slut for that person, it’s still for ME.

Any other submissive is a slut for their Dominant. Not for you. Not for every person who thinks they’re clever clicking the anon button on a blog. For the person THEY choose to submit to. 

If you think it’s okay to go to a submissive’s blog, any submissive, whether they have a Dominant or not, and leave messages demanding they submit in their inbox, you’re nothing more than a child, mentally at the very least. You’re certainly not a Dominant.

Someone being a submissive does not mean they are a slut who will submit to everyone. You have to earn it. 

If you try and get it without earning it, you’re nothing. Not even remotely worthy of consideration.

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Papa and I created a blog specifically for us to post about our adventures in exploring a DD/lg dynamic for when he gets home. 

This makes me super duper happy. 

The url is papa-babygirl.tumblr.com

There are no posts yet, and may not be for a while, but you can go ahead and follow if you like :)

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